News 2020

India and Russia win gold medals

Match 1: India - Russa 3:3
Vidit ½-½ Nepomniachtchi
Harikrishna ½-½ Artemiev
Koneru ½-½ Lagno
Harika ½-½ Kosteniuk
Praggnanandhaa ½-½ Sarana
Divya ½-½ Shuvalova

Russia drew the first match against India after saving a couple of very tough positions. 

Match 2: Russia - India

Nepomniachtchi ½-½ Anand
Dubov ½-½ Vidit
Goryachkina 1-0 Koneru
Kosteniuk ½-½ Harika
Esipenko - Nihal
Shuvalova -  Divya

In the second match, two Indian players Nihal Sarin and Divya Deshmukh lost connection to their games and forfeited on time.

Official statement by FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich:

"The Online Chess Olympiad has been impacted by a global internet outage, that severely affected several countries, including India. Two of the Indian players have been affected and lost connection, when the outcome of the match was still unclear.

The Appeals Committee has examined all the evidence provided by, as well as information gathered from other sources about this internet outage. After being informed of their considerations and in absence of an unanimous decision, and taken into account these unprecedented circumstances, as FIDE President I made the decision to award Gold Medals to both teams".